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The East Africa Coalition was founded at the Regional Symposium held in Nairobi in November 2015, with Church leaders from East African countries and representatives from regional and local offices of ACT Alliance members Christian Aid, Norwegian Church Aid, Church of Sweden International Mission & Diakonia and the Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa (FECCLAHA), World Vision, the All Africa Council of Churches and other faith based organisations.  The coalition is currently working on establishing a coordination team for the region, with work already under way for national coalitions in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

Read the East Africa Declaration of Commitment.

Report of the East Africa Faith Leaders’ Symposium, Nairobi, November 2015.

Keynote address given at the November 2015 East Africa Faith Leaders’ Symposium by Revd Terrie Robinson, co-chair of the Side by Side Inception Group.

Gender and the Bible: The Role of Gendered Texts in determining Gender Relations‘, a presentation by the Revd Dr Lydia Mwaniki, Director for Family Life and Gender Justice, All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC).

Potential Coordination Structures and Spaces for the Faith Movement for Gender Justice‘, a reflection by Dr Agnes Abuom, Moderator of the WCC Central Committee.

‘Potential coordination structures and spaces for the Faith Movement for Gender Justice’, with a focus on Kenya, a presentation by Grace Mbugua, Organizational Director, Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL).

Presentation made by co-facilitator Josh Levine looking at objectives of the conference and strategies for starting a movement.

More photos and video clips from the East Africa Faith Leaders’ Symposium here



18 January 2017:

The Steering Committee of Side by Side East Africa has officially endorsed the Regional Advocacy Strategy on UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. The Regional Advocacy Strategy was developed jointly by the Norwegian Church Aid Thematic Programme on the Reduction of Gender-based Violence in Conflict and Post Conflict Settings (GBV CPC); the Norwegian Church Aid Regional Peace Programme, the All Africa Council of Churches (AACC), the African Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace (ACRL-RfP), the Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in the Great Lakes and Horn of Africa (FECCLAHA) and ARIGATOU International.

The endorsement kick-starts the collaboration between Side by Side and the GBV CPC which will be reinforced during 2017. The GBV CPC will support Side by Side to develop national coalitions in East Africa. So far, national coalitions had started in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda with strong support from FECCLAHA and Christian Aid.

Side by Side East Africa takes a stand on UNSCR 1325 with support from the NCA Thematic Programme on the Reduction of Gender-based Violence in Conflict and Post Conflict Settings.


All sub-regional and national coalitions for this region

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