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The Latin America & the Caribbean Coalition was founded by representatives of faith leaders and organisations across the region at a symposium in São Paulo, Brazil from 26 to 28 October, held to discuss the context, potentialities and challenges for faith-led gender justice in the region.

National, regional and international organisations were represented, including the WCC, AA, CREAS, CA, NCA and CLAI.  People came in representation of a range of different Christian denominations, Afro-Latin American and Caribbean religions, as well Indigenous People’s spirituality and cosmology.

The symposium then appointed a Latin America & the Caribbean coordination group, with representatives Pasteur Clement Joseph (Caribbean), Blanca Cortez (Mesoamerica), Esther Lisboa and Father Alberto Franco (South America) and Mara Luz (Regional on behalf of WCC LAC, CLAI, CREAS and AA). The group also agreed on a Declaration of Commitment, including all the context analysis, concerns, and commitments worked on at the symposium.

Latin America & The Caribbean are now working on further establishing the Faith Movement for Gender Justice in the region in collaboration with faith leaders, through expanding and strengthening learning and capacity, and actively encouraging work which is inclusive and encourages better cooperation between the faiths in the region.


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