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Working side by side during 2017



Challenging the normalisation of gender based violence in Bolivia


Bolivia has seen an increase in the number of cases of violence against women: there were 104 reported femicides in 2016, 22 more between January and April of 2017, and 9000 cases of violence against women have already been reported in that same period.

Faith-based organisations and partners are bringing together women and men to discuss issues
related to gender, human rights and leadership; and, more specifically, to work on the protection of
women from politically based violence. Read more here.


Christian Aid Bolivia and Christian Aid Ireland united in the fight against gender based political violence and harassment


During 2017, Christian Aid Bolivia and Ireland worked with partners UNITAS and Fundación Machaqa to fight against the endemic political harassment and violence faced by women in Bolivia when they assume positions of leadership. Read more here.


Women’s participation as a way out of the political crisis in Bolivian social organisations


As a result of the Bolivian government’s manipulation of the leadership of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Christian Aid Bolivia and its partners have been encouraged to shift their focus from the leaders of the main CSOs to a return to the grassroots. Experience has shown them that working with female leaders is essential to strengthening social organisations. Read more here.

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