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Side by Side West Africa Conference Communique
Ghana, May 2018


We are Side By Side West Africa, a faith-based movement of people, committed to tackling gender injustices, with the resolve to walk our talks by holding the mantle of our fellow human beings side by side for the common and the greater good of humanity. In seeking to achieve this, we are guided by the principles of equality, love and justice.


We acknowledge that ALL religions are sent on earth to bring about justice. Our scriptures give us mandates to act, which gives the foundation for us to work for justice. We aim to be in conformity with scripture which does not discriminate between men and women. For we are all created by God and deserve to be respected, honoured and recognised.


Our mission as faith leaders, is to strengthen the capacity of our members to contribute to achieving justice, unity, reconciliation and integrity of creation. We recognise that religious leaders are respected in our region, countries, communities, schools and homes. Faith leaders are the most stable in the community and can be the pivot for implementation of gender justice. We have faith that gender equality can be achieved and it is with urgency that we act.


We desire to uplift the less privileged, walk side by side, and at times in each other’s shoes, on our road to gender justice. We are the voice of the people in our villages and communities that are never heard. We must amplify the voice of the silent majority and recognise the power in speaking about gender justice with one voice.


Our reason to act is the gendered violence experienced by our sisters and brothers. We stand together with the mandate to pursue the Sustainable Development Goal 5 agenda in our collective countries for the good of our people. We know that by working together to achieve gender justice that we will have great happiness.


We acknowledge that there are many barriers to gender justice that we must tackle:

We recognise that embedded in each and every culture are barriers to gender justice that we must acknowledge and tackle. We identify that economic inequality creates barriers to women’s empowerment. These barriers manifest at a political, religious and community level, which hinders the progression of women leaders and the ability for everyone to live life to the full.


We commit to tackling gender injustices in our homes, in our communities and in our countries.


All sub-regional and national coalitions for this region

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