Shared Conversations 2: Gender, Faith and COVID-19

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Side by Side has started to curate resources produced by faith actors responding to the gendered dimensions of COVID-19. You can visit our resource page, which includes guidance documents, briefs and tool-kits. We are also hosting a series of Shared Conversations that tackle the gendered dimensions of COVID-19 and how faith actors are responding.

This month, our conversation included Elsebeth Gravgaard (DanChurchAid), Irene Anena (Church of Uganda), Rev. Bafana Khumalo (Sonke Gender Justice) and Shahin Ashraf MBE (Islamic Relief Worldwide). You can read our summary document here and listen to the audio below. Sign up to our next webinar on 28th May via our Eventbrite page.

To conclude, I would like to share some of the insights from our speakers:

“In Side by Side, we have always aimed to address the root causes of gender inequality. When we discuss the faith responses to tackle the pandemic, I hope we go beyond the gender based violence, additional burden of care and ensure that we address the underlying causes as well, tackling gender norms and practices.” – Elsebeth Gravgaard, DanChurchAid

“There is the silent pandemic of gender based violence, which is increasing during this time, specifically domestic violence now. We must continue to respond to this injustice.” – Irene Anena, Church of Uganda

“I want to refer to the theology of interdependence, the theology that reminds us that we belong to God but also to each other. Within this stewardship, is how we are managing resources. Whether in the form of the earth, or in the form of each other.” – Rev. Bafana Khumalo, Sonke Gender Justice

“Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic must be comprehensive and systematic. To not be limited to improving health systems. We must tackle discrimination and inequality at home and abroad. We must address the multiple interrelated cultural, political, social and economic levels, by applying a faith, human rights based, justice orientated analysis throughout, based on collaboration and global solidarity.” – Shahin Ashraf MBE, Islamic Relief Worldwide

Posted by: Side by Side | Tuesday, May 12th, 2020
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