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Peter Byrne, Church & Community Manager at Christian Aid, reports on the Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence Peer Learning Event held on 26 January 2016

The topic for this peer learning event was ‘Engaging Faith Leaders to change social norms that promote or condone Gender Based Violence’. The event was an excellent opportunity for participants to share information and lessons not only from programming processes, but also from their experience with faith leaders in that regard. It also usefully provided a space to discuss some of the common successes and challenges in preventing and / or responding to gender-based violence (GBV) in specific areas of work, particularly work with faith leaders.

There were three Case Study presentations.

The first was presented by Trócaire, on the work adapting the SASA! Faith model to faith leaders, with a focus on the work being done in Uganda, and with a practical exercise from the SASA! Faith toolkit. There was also a brief overview from the Uganda GBV Programme, with some useful input from the Mid Term Review conducted.

The second case study was facilitated by Róisín Gallagher from Christian Aid in Dublin, and delivered remotely by Sheila Murimoga, Senior Programme Officer, Gender and Inequalities, Christian Aid Zimbabwe, which gave a very different and global feel to the nature of the event. Colleagues from Christian Aid in Sierra Leone were also connected in and contributed to the day.

This was an introduction to the work done in supporting the establishment of Side by Side – the Faith Movement for Gender Justice – and the processes and partners engaged with along the way, such as the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.

The third Case Study was an overview of the World Vision programme: Channels of Hope, and in a number of ways we learned that this is a programme model which is found to be highly adaptable across a number of contexts, and has been used widely since its inception. Included in this session was a brief role play experience.

The Irish Consortium on Gender Based Violence ( , currently chaired by Christian Aid Ireland, comprises  a unique membership of 14 Irish organisations with diverse mandates and operational approaches representing development, humanitarian and human right organisations (Concern, Goal, Trocaire, Christian Aid, Child Fund, Self Help Africa, Kimmage, Action Aid, Irish Red Cross, Oxfam, Plan International and World Vision) Irish Aid and the Irish Defence, all working together to address gender based violence (GBV). Its overall aim is to promote the adoption of a coherent and coordinated response to GBV.

Posted by: Terrie Robinson | Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016
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