WUNRN: ICTs´ for Feminist Movement Building Activist Toolkit

In this toolkit, experiences and contexts are drawn from female activists in southern Africa and beyond. While the focus predominantly is reserved women´s rights activists, anyone who is a part of a movement for social change will find this toolkit useful.

The aim of the toolkit is to assist activists to think their strategies in ways that supports movement building. It offers a practical guide to writing a communication strategy, while also reviewing a number of tools (ICTs) and technology related campaigns which can be used in organising work.

Furthermore, the toolkit is about feminist practice and how to use tools and communicate in ways that are democratic, make women´s voices stronger and louder, while also challenging stereotypes and discriminatory social norms.

Written by Anna Davies-van Es, Jenny Radloff, Maggie Mapondera and Shereen Essof, drawing on an earlier draft and thinking by Maia Marie. Published 2015.


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