Women, Faith & Human Rights

Women, Faith and Human Rights (UNFPA/Church of Sweden, June 2016) is a summary overview of some of the most honest and critical articulations, by women and men of faith, and human rights actors, on the relationship between human rights and their respective faith traditions, narrated through the prism of some of the most contentious rights’ terrains.

Convened by UNFPA over a number of years in diverse fora thanks to NORAD support, and lastly under the auspices of the Church of Sweden to distill their ideas, these authors straddle the worlds of religious leadership and faith service, while also believing firmly in, and arguing for, gender equality and human rights within religious establishments, as well as in societies at large.

This overview provides a taste of the arguments made by contributors from different countries and diverse faiths, framed in a language which weaves the principles of human rights with religious norms, values, and interpretations.

In an age where the contentions – and achievements – around human rights and faith matters loom large, the articulations of these authors are at once thought-provoking, enlightening and courageous.

The full report can be downloaded at www.svenskakyrkan.se/default.aspx?id=1485228

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