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    Our Side by Side Pledge

    As an individual committed to achieving gender justice for all people, I will do all in my power to:

    1. encourage faith-based organisations, faith leaders and people of faith to use their position and strength to lead in the transformation of relationships, thereby overcoming social and cultural norms which are harmful and oppressive
    2. contribute to the global movement for gender justice by speaking out when I see injustices and by respecting all people no matter what their background or status
    3. support all who are working to reduce structural and gender-based inequality. I will work with them to create an inclusive world where gender is no longer a barrier to equal treatment.


    As a part of the movement for gender justice I will do my part to

    1. overcome all teachings, beliefs and actions which cause women and girls to be treated with less respect and afforded fewer opportunities than men and boys
    2. recognise that our sex as male and female means that there are differences, but these will not be used to treat either sex as privileged or inferior.


    We will work together to achieve the following:

    1. Violence against women and girls will be eradicated
    2. Women and girls will have access to equal opportunities, including:

    a) Education and skills

    b) Health care

    c) Land and inheritance rights

    d) Employment with fair wages

    e) Leadership roles and decision making

    f) Access to markets and control over resources.



    Please pledge your support for Side by Side.

    You can include a message with your pledge that will be displayed on our website. You have the option to include your name/organisation or pledge your support anonymously.

    Thank you!


    Pledge Now

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    119 pledges so far

    jessica Nalwoga
    I pledge to look out for the missing link, to search for those barriers that incapacitate girls and female youth to have confidence in themselves and taking charge of their lives and not expect to depend on men for their survival and well being.So i am proud to be part of the Uganda side by side platform in Uganda and working with the Uganda Women of Faith Network under the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda
    jessica Nalwoga Sanyu
    Gender justice will continue to be a challenge where conversations between men and women are not enhanced to address gender injustice in all its faces. The other issue is the economic empowerment of women which will bring more freedom of choice and negotiation How about women in positions of power that end up sucked into the patriarchal system? How about nurturing women and girls as citizens who can work and through their work transform their lives and not raised to be dependent on the men?
    Francisca Inofomoh
    I pledge my support to ensure Gender justice fr all. Especially to ensure equal rights to Education, Health and leadership skills. I'm a Catholic Medical doctor,willing to work with you.
    Josephine Sundqvist
    I'm part of Side by Side Tanzania coalition!
    Je m'engage Bukavu, RD Congo
    Margaret Roy
    I am committed to working towards a society that is just and equal and where women's voices are heard as strongly as men's.
    Jill Wright
    We need to band together
    I pledge to be a part of the movement for a just society with equal power relationship
    Rev Joseph K. Ataji
    I have passion - I'm serving humanity through NGO works; moreover I am training on gender violence against women and girl child, gender equality and equity, women in leadership and decision-making, conflict resolution, etc, through Voices 4 Change Nigeria
    Blandina Faustin Sawayael
    let us join hands! we can make a difference .
    Cynthia Katsarelis
    Pledging. Thank you for your wonderful work and inviting me and others to join in!
    olugbenga osinaike
    great idea. There is no gender in the spirit. God created them male and female and both have equal access to draw inspiration from God who is the source. There is a need to further communicate this idea and create a strong theological basis for promoting gender values ad issues of equality for the human race
    Chantal Kanyange
    I am happy to contribute to Gender Justice for all as this is will contribute to transform my siblings from the impact that the gender based injustice has brought in over the years
    Zacharie MINANI
    Ready to join others in this noble struggle
    Dionne Gravesande
    Great to be connected to a global expression that seeks to secure gender justice for all
    Kitty Nolan
    I am fully committed to the elimination of Gender Based Violence for the benefit of women and girls, men and boys through out the world. All women and men being treated with equality and respect is one of the first steps on the road to a peaceful world. As the theme of the 16 of Activism Against Gender Violence has said: From peace in the home to peace in the world.
    Andy Campbell
    We are long overdue for these to be realities in our world - for the benefit of all.
    David Wilkins
    From a member of Trócaire in Ireland
    kinitoli saghu
    I look forward for justice and equality on 'all being" . . . . which is a sign perfect wisdom. BIG BIG support to gender justice
    Obiora Igboanugo
    I will try in every way possible to promote gender justice in every thing I do
    Cheryl Green
    As a human being, a a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, a Christian minister, and a believer in love, justice, and hope, I pledge to stand in solidarity with those demanding the right to gender justice.
    Michele Hawthorne
    This is my passion. I have called together a group around me and we are organising a conference with Elaine Storkey and Carl beech about injustice against women. We aime to reach ordinary men & women but want to connect with church leaders as gender based violence is prevekant within the church too. We all need to take a stand and become pro active and make our voices heard!
    Fr Evangelos Thiani
    I commit to Gender justice because it is not only a human right but also a God given mandate in Genesis 1-3
    Fr Evangelos Thiani
    I commit to bring gender justice, because it is not only a human right but also a God given mandate in Genesis 1-3
    Shona Guy
    I am Zimbambwean based Hip Hop artiste and recently I did a collaboration with a renowned JAZZ FEMALE ARTISTE in my country which seeks to raise awareness agaist gender based violence.
    Michael Joseph
    Gender justice for all.
    Tagolyn Kabekabe
    Transformation starts with me. I will walk side by side with all to ensure gender justice is achieved. Thank you
    Judy Harris
    'Thy Kingdom Come!'
    Susan Hayward
    As a Christian minister, I am dedicated to the pursuit of gender justice, motivated by my faith.
    Ethel Pittaway
    I give my pledge as Canon:Women and Gender Portfolio of the Anglican Diocese of Port Elizabeth.
    Andrea Sturup
    I wish to encourage gender justice in my everyday practices by taking up discussions of gender equality, and by supporting to those, who promote gender equality in a global scale.
    Akim Phamotse
    Transformation start with self
    Bulie Mjoli
    I pledge to empower women in skills to fight women violence
    Charles opiyo
    I pledge to do all I can within my power and limits to see an end to the excruciating pain brought by gender based violence. Happy to be part of this journey
    Jenny Humphreys
    Very pleased to sign up to all of the above, and to continue to work for gender justice - locally, nationally and globally.
    Martin Birch
    Faith building. Thank you.
    Nancy Herron
    I pledge to all of the above.
    patrick musira
    I am a Zimbabwe-based journalist with a disability and covering the gender and health beats. I pledge to work for gender equality and justice by promoting and practicing in these fields.I fully stand for and I support and spread this movement in our network in Zimbabwe. Great movement! Great initiative!
    Rev'd Michael Smith
    Such an important initiative that needs to be at the top of agendas around the world and for more to take responsibility for.
    Beaullah Zhangazha
    Faith Leaders need to start acting against Gender based violence and stop abuse of scriptures to perpepuate abuse of women.
    Beaullah Zhangazha
    Faith leaders must begin to act on GBV issues
    Claudette Kigeme
    Together and by the grace of God we can make positive change, therefore I am happy to be part of this faith based movement
    Erin Morey
    I am honored to be part of this great cloud of witnesses committed to gender equality.
    Monica Njoroge
    I pledge to do my little thing to contribute towards Gender Justice.
    Hilary Cotton
    I have worked for this in England for many, many years, both inside and outside the church. This is so important for all women and men across the globe. God be with you in leading this and in our work together.
    Michelle Champion
    An excellent initiative.
    Liz Baker
    A movement close to my heart
    Meenakshi Das
    Side by Side - a title in itself explain the equality,justice & opportunity for either sex,thanks for including me in this event..looking forward to read & experience the depth of the topic. All the best dear Terrie & Claudette for your presentation.With blessings & prayers.
    Shanta Laxmi Shresth
    I pledge to work for gender equality and justice by promoting and practicing in personal and professional fields. Great movement!Great Initiative! I fully stand for and I support and spread this movement in our network in Nepal.
    Ann Glenesk
    The work undertaken by those who have gone before encourages and reminds us that change will not happen on its own. It needs us all to speak out and act for justice. x
    Rachel Mbonwa
    Great initiative to support
    Negar Abay
    The equality of women and men is a fundamental truth about human reality and not just a desired condition. We need women and men to work shoulder to shoulder to apply spiritual principles to the construction of a new social order characterized by justice, peace and collective prosperity. This seems like a wonderful contribution to that end.
    Tom Hackett
    Pleased to support.
    Zoleka A.F. Mzitshi
    I pledge to transgress the landscapes of tradition, culture and religion that reinforce gender inequality.
    Loretta Minghella
    I pledge my support and am so excited and moved that this is initiative for gender justice is really taking off.
    Schalk Schoombie
    This is one of the most pressing issues in the world today.
    Vicky Peattie
    Important and valuable initiative in a world where gender injustice and inequality are keeping families in poverty.
    Anna-Maria Sandström
    No time to rest. Let´s not just talk, let us act!
    Mikael Lindgren
    G0, go, go and lets grow!
    Desmond Lesejane
    This is a timely movement that will help the world to overcome the centuries old exclusions of and injustices against women
    Rosemary Munaki
    This is good. I pledge for gender justice as all are Created in the Image of God.
    Mireille M'POYO
    I pledge to being a part of the movement for change
    Mireille NDAYA
    I pledge my commitment to achieving Gender Justice in the world
    Shiela Murimoga
    Violence against women should end,violence should have no place in our societies
    Solène Brabant
    Great initiative, looking forward to contribute
    Theresa Bagrey
    Very important initiative for our marginalized women and girls. I pledge my commitment to achieving Gender Justice in the World.
    Nuno Macedo
    Much needed change for all of us!
    Thora Holter
    Good initiative - let`s make a difference!
    Suzanne Shepherd
    I do hope it helps all those concerned.
    Annika Lindé
    I pledge my support for the achievement of gender justice
    Caroline Simpson
    Excellent initiative.
    charmaine Khawula
    good initiative
    Peter Byrne
    Very pleased to support this wonderful initiative
    Jāna Jēruma-Grīnberga
    this looks very promising! Joining hands across the globe and across faith divides.
    Rev Bafana Khumalo
    Good initiative. All human beings are created in the image of God and thus should be treated with dignity and justly.
    Lyn van Rooyen
    Great initiative to add on to our existing activities with the Thursdays in Black Campaign. (More at
    Gina McCauley
    This is great and so easy to get involved with
    Jessica Sheppard
    Great initiative
    Antoinette Erasmus
    I am a pastor in the Apostolic Faith Mission of SA I am committed by changing the lives of women for equal treatment in home and work.
    Serena Tajima
    After hearing about the inequalities across the world from the Rev. Terrie Robinson, I am committed to having gender justice in the forefront of my mind in my future ministry within the Church if England.
    Dr Elizabeth Lowson
    Thank you for creating this initiative. Let the transformation begin!
    Dr Sara Batts
    Excellent initiative.
    Laura Sundquist
    Very important issue to unite around.
    Pheladi Serage
    I pledge my support for the achievement of gender justice
    jenny welsh
    Great to see this initiative.
    Sally Barnes
    I want gender justice and a life of freedom from abuse and oppressiom for all women and girls so that they can be educated and follow their professions without hindrance and live fulfilled lives.
    David Katz
    A very necessary initiative.
    Elaine Dando
    I have been looking for an organisation which does this for some time. I am delighted you exist!
    Gweneth Berge
    This is a great initiative that needs broad support from faith communities around the world!
    Terrie Robinson
    So glad to be part of this international movement of women and men working for just relationships and the participation and flourishing of all, irrespective of gender.
    Nanlop Ogbureke
    There is the need to collectively push for gender justice! I pledge to being a part of the movement for change! The time to act is now!
    Solomuzi Mabuza
    Both man and woman were created in God's Image and Likeness.
    Rev Themba Mntambo
    Such initiatives are worthy, not only of support but of action - speak out, act for social justice and build a better world.
    Jane Machira
    I pledge to do all I can to in pursuit of gender justice. Excellent initiative whose timing is now!
    Gretta X. Makhwenkwe
    We need a voice and action in every corner to stand against gender based violence.
    Great Idea
    Lorraine Gehlig
    I hereby pledge to stand against gender based injustices
    alan mccauley
    great idea
    Kenokeno Mashabela
    I pledge for the social justice.
    GEMA Gender Equality Matters
    As a department of Rhema Bible Church we continue working towards the achievement of gender equality.
    Hands of Compassion
    As an organisation we are committed to these principles.
    GEMA Gender Equality Matters
    As an department of Rhema Bible Church South African we are committed to gender equality and to uplift these principles.
    Hands of Compassion
    As a Rhema Department and an NGO we are committed to these principles.
    Xana McCauley
    I am completely committed to these principles.
    Paul Valentin
    Because we are all created in God's image!
    Lucas Morena
    I hereby submit my pledge.
    Susan Durber
    I will gladly give my commitment, energy and prayers for this great cause!
    Elaine Cameron
    Very well done to the founders of this initiative. I want Maisie, my 6 month old grand-daughter, to grow up in a world where she delights in being woman.
    Elsebeth Gravgaard
    A great initiative- which I am so happy and proud to be a part of.
    Cecilie Bjoernskov-Johansen
    This is one for the greatest initiatives!
    Geoff Daintree
    Natalie Smith
    Joy Dolton
    United Kingdom
    Holly Robinson
    United Kingdom
    Callum Humphries
    United Kingdom
    Val Brown
    Josh Levene
    United Kingdom
    Fulata Moyo
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