Religious leaders discuss religion and women’s rights in Haiti

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On 27th October 2018, the Social Mission of Haitian Churches, and Religion for Peace Haiti, organised a workshop with religious leaders to discuss women’s rights. The aim of the workshop was to bring different religions together to discuss the barriers of women’s rights in Haitian society. The workshop was held in the presence of Bishop Pierre André Dumas, this day of reflection brought together some thirty religious leaders to discuss this important issue.

Despite the differences within the religions, the faith leaders all affirmed that women are equal to men. They denounced by common agreement all forms of violence against women. The religious leaders called upon their compatriots to join in solidarity and promote the respect for women and fight against violence and injustice.

People of faith and theologians gathered to reflect on the role and importance of women in religions. Injustice, social inequality, discrimination against women and the oppressive culture of the other were discussed. As well as the role of women in the churches and in society. Workshop members denounced the forms of abuse against girls and young women in the family, the negative and contemptuous considerations towards women, the employment deficit for women and the disrespect of women’s labour rights.

“This day of reflection is organized to bring together all religions around an effort to reduce violence in our society, especially those against women,” said Pastor Clément Joseph, Secretary General of the MISEE, the interreligious platform Religion for Peace Haiti, and Chair of the Side by Side Chapter. Pastor Clement Joseph also shared that a large majority of women experience suffering. After stressing that the authorities must mobilize the necessary resources to protect women, he encouraged his fellow pastors to become aware of the problems that are disrupting life in society and to make more commitment to public policies in Haiti.

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Posted by: Side by Side | Wednesday, November 7th, 2018
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