Church and Gender Equality: PMU Resource and Tool Box

“At PMU we are convinced that gender equality is the key to build sustainable Churches, organizations and societies. When we read the Bible we see a beautiful story of creation and salvation where God intended for women and men to live in equality. Hierarchies, discrimination and inequality are not from God, and as Christian Churches and faith based development actors one of our top priorities should be to promote gender equality so that we can reflect the image of God as it was meant to be. This book gives a theological perspective to gender equality work, provides concrete tools to take action on gender equality in organizations and Churches, as well as to provide examples by sharing experiences
from our network of faith-based actors.”

Written by Jenny Bergh and Fredrika Uggla. Contributions from Emelie Nestor, Bassem Maher and Mikael Jägerskog. Published 2017.

For more information about PMU, see (Swedish) and (English).

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