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After a period of consultation, the Inception Group of the Side by Side movement for gender justice has published its Strategic Plan for 2016 to 2021.

Side by Side believes that creating greater awareness of the faith and developmental imperative for gender justice, and mobilising and supporting a more coordinated, capacitated and collaborative faith movement for gender justice, will accelerate the transformation of damaging gendered social norms, significantly reduce gender inequality and assist in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Side By Side Strategic Plan sets out a number of objectives to achieve these goals and lists the sorts of activities that Side by Side member faith groups and faith-based organisations will engage in, during the years to come.

These activities include developing a more focussed and coordinated faith response; supporting national Side By Side symposiums and coalitions and building awareness, capacity and commitment among faith leaders to challenge and change the status quo; supporting women faith leaders and women of faith, as well as men, to become champions for gender justice; supporting faith leaders and faith-based organisations to engage collectively with government, regional and international policy fora, and the media; and building an evidence base for the efficacy of faith institutions in addressing social, political and economic gender justice issues.

Finally, the Strategic Plan details its theory of change for mobilising faith actors to help achieve gender justice.

Read the Strategic Plan HERE.

Posted by: Terrie Robinson | Wednesday, January 4th, 2017
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